Unlike the physical, often dead and momentary sacrifices offered by men to deities, a living sacrifice though physical, is subsumed by the Spirit of God and offered continually unto Him. This is what makes the sacrifice alive and after the similitude of God.

The truth remains that, it is extremely hard to lead a successful Christian life without presenting one’s body as a living sacrifice unto God.

Becoming a living sacrifice is now even more imperative for every child of God due to the increasing need to be wary of newer devices of Satan. As a result, the challenge posed by the subtlety of sin in modern times can only be circumvented by those who have set themselves apart as living sacrifices unto God.


The Scriptures (Romans 12:1) clearly outlines holiness as an important requirement for becoming a living sacrifice. As such, becoming a living sacrifice entails the following:

  • A lifestyle of separation unto God — a living sacrifice must be willing to be set apart from the world for continuous service unto God.
  • A lifestyle of devotion through consistent Christian living. God honours acts of consistent sacrificial service.
  • A lifestyle of complete surrender to God — a living sacrifice is one betrothed to God and no longer has control of their own life. That is, they’re always at the mercy of God’s demand.

You can become a living sacrifice today if you’re willing to live a lifestyle of holiness.


There are practical ways that a Christian can become a living sacrifice unto God. These include (for example):

  • Enure that you honour God through your speech mannerisms (Colossians 4:6, Matthew 15:11).
  • Ensure to be wary of the kind of things you feed yourself e.g. food (1 Corinthians 10:23).
  • Ensure to refrain from ungodly associations (2 Corinthians 6:14).
  • Ensure to always portray Jesus Christ in all your dealings (Matthew 5:16).

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