The last year was tainted with a roller coaster experience for humanity especially given the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives were disrupted yet again as governments of nations around the world frantically sought for ways out of the quagmire.

As a result, many people have been left disgruntled especially as no solution appears to be in sight. To make matters worse, unfortunately, far more potent mutants of the virus have began to emerge (imagine OMICRON).

But not to worry because God has promised “perfect peace” for those who will trust in Him in the new year (Isaiah 26:3).


A higher ground typically connotes a level that’s well elevated far above the normal. In spiritual terms, it describes a vantage point that can only be guaranteed by God Himself.

A higher ground always offers God’s children unquantifiable benefits in life such as:

  • A deeper revelation and understanding of His nature.
  • Divine safety and perfect peace amidst troubles.
  • Unprecedented promotions.

No wonder God spoke to Moses on the need to separate himself from the noise and distractions at the base of the mountain and come unto a higher ground (Exodus 24:12a).


No doubt there are countless benefits of staying on a higher ground. Unfortunately, very few people desire a higher ground for some of the reasons below:

  • It takes time, effort and serious commitment to get onto a higher ground.
  • The level of “comfort” that the noise and distractions at the base of the mountain offers to the ordinary man.
  • The complacency of just being happy with the status quo and having no desire to forge higher in life.

God is calling you unto a higher ground in the new year. Do not be complacent. Make the push NOW and you’ll sure finish the year STRONG in JESUS’ NAME.

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