Doing good is God’s perfect nature. There are countless examples in the Bible that support this bold statement. In fact, it was God’s act of doing good that moved Him into giving His only Son for the salvation of mankind (John 3:16).

One other interesting fact about doing good is that it can be contagious. No wonder the Bible also recorded that Jesus Christ — the Son of God — also went about doing good (Acts 10:38).

How wonderful the earth would be if everyone of us went about doing good i.e. after the nature and similitude of Jesus Christ.

But unfortunately this isn’t the case today. No wonder God is interested in reminding us about the benefits of doing good today (Galatians 6:9-10).


The difficulty in doing good can be traced to the fact that it can sometimes be “demanding” on the part of the doer. But we must look beyond the demands, and proceed to do good always.

The Bible provides examples of characters of faith who went out of their way to do good. Interestingly, their acts of goodwill became the leverage for their breakthroughs:

  • Abraham unknowingly entertained angels in the scorching heat and triggered God’s blessings in return (Genesis 18:1-10).
  • The Shunammite woman provided accommodation for prophet Elisha and got a child in return (2 Kings 4:8-17).
  • Rebecca offered drinking water to Abraham’s servant and got a covenant husband in return (Genesis 24:11-61).


We sometimes get to a point in life where we feel like giving up on the acts of doing good especially, for example, if our good acts had been taken for granted in the past. This can be quite painful and discouraging to say the least.

Having said that, it’s important to always remember that our motive for doing good should never be to seek reward from men, but rather, to exhibit God’s love whether or not we’re appreciated in return.

Consequently, it’s important to keep the focus and continue to do good regardless because it is God’s nature. One thing is sure, and that’s the fact that God rewards every act of goodwill.

Are you discouraged and at the verge of giving up doing good? Do not lose heart. Your reward is imminent. God bless you.

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