STAGNATION is a state characterised by lack of progress, growth or advancement.

God truly desires that we all make “genuine progress” in life as a stark reminder of His faithfulness to those who wholly trust in Him (3 John 2).

However, certain events in life can sometimes leave us in a  state where genuine progress is not immediately obvious. Getting out of this state of comatose would demand that we dig deep to:

  1. Identify the root cause of the stagnation; and
  2. Make considerable effort in order to get out of that state with the intention to make tangible progress thereafter. 

Having said that, it is pertinent to mention that it takes willpower to get out of stagnation.


Unfortunately, what a lot of people describe as progress in  today’s world is actually stagnation in disguise.

This is not necessarily a new phenomenon. Going way back in history, the Israelites  found themselves encompassing the same spot for several days while assuming progress (Deuteronomy 2:1-3).

This reality poses danger to modern day Christians and hence further demands the need to stay spiritually awake.

Thank God for his mercies and compassion which eventually brought about a rerouting of the Israelites journey northward.

Have you wondered for a moment what would have become of the Israelites if they had carried on in the same trajectory?


Accept the situation and identify the root cause. This is usually the first step out of stagnation. Thereafter, take considerable steps to remedy the situation.

We briefly introspect three possible causes of stagnation:

  1. Psychological: when the mind portrays stagnation as “perceived progress”.
  2. Physiological: when physical limitations threaten progress. 
  3. Spiritual: when God’s absence causes stagnation.

Join us online as we further explore the scriptures on this topic. In the meantime, make up your mind to GO FORWARD!


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