My dear friend, do you know that you are precious to God? You may ask: how is that supposed to be given that I don’t even know who God is?
Well, not to worry, you’re perfectly right to want to know Him or at least see evidence of His physical presence. After all, we live in a scientific age where like they say, “seeing is believing”.

But hey! Look around you and you’ll discover that the evidence of God’s physical existence already abounds for example, in the plants that adorn the streets, the birds that roam the heights of the sky, the diverse species of fish that have made the bottom of the oceans their place of habitation. You’ll be surprised to know that God Himself spoke these creatures into existence.

Come to think of it. Of all the creatures that God spoke into existence, you, and yes I mean ‘you are the most important of all’. So you see? This is why you are precious to God. He created you and therefore knows everything about you. But unfortunately, so many human beings are living in self denial of the existence of God and as such have become stone cold about Him. God Himself understands this and that was why He relinquished His only begotten son to come down to this sinful earth to help redeem mankind.

Jesus Christ, the son of God wants you to come closer to Him today and make things right with Him. He cares about the prosperity of your soul and not just the well-being of your physical body (which is sure to die someday). Please do not be ignorant of the free gift of eternal life given to us by God through His son. In other words, the way to possess eternal life is to possess God’s Son. Jesus Christ is the link to the Living God. Again, you may ask: how can a person befriend the Son of God? The answer is simple. Confess Him as your Lord and Saviour and you’ll be on your way to a redeemed life by faith. Are you ready to take the next bold step in your life? If you’ve answered yes then please say this short lines of prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, please come into my life. Please wash away my sins by your blood which was shed on the cross of Calvary. I wholeheartedly accept you as my Lord and Saviour from now until eternity. So help me God. Amen!

Congratulations and welcome into a new life in God. Please contact us to receive a free copy of the Bible. There’s so much to discover about