God is interested in our relationships with others. He is particular about the need for us to find dependable people in our lives. That is, men and women who will not only swim with us when life is rosy, but are also prepared to sink with us when the chips are down.

The covenant relationship that sparked off between David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 18:1-4) is one to be emulated. Even though both men were of a different social class (a prince vs a shepherd boy), the bond that existed between them was nonetheless inseparable. They were just perfect for each other.

No wonder the Bible described their relationship in very strong terms thus: “but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” — Proverbs 18:24b


Unfortunately, faithful men are becoming increasingly difficult to find these days and this can be attributed to the fact that we’re in the last days. The Bible supports this thus “the love of many will grow cold.” — Matthew 24:12b (ESV).

Interestingly, the world is now laden with relationships that are motivated by:

  • Greed that’s borne out of the desire to always be on the receiving end of the relationship.
  • The desire to always fit into a preferred social class.
  • The apparent lack of will to want to invest in others etc.

Hence we need to pray and seek God’s direction while aiming to build relationships in these very precarious times.


The gift of faithful men must be cherished at all times. Often times God plants them in our lives in order to help us fulfill our purpose (reach our goals). For example, Jonathan was instrumental to helping David ascend to the throne of Saul.

So, when you find faithful men in your life, here are a few things to be mindful of:

  • Thank God for bringing them your way (Psalm 37:23).
  • Find out why God has brought them to you.
  • Never trivialize their (specific) role in your life.
  • Aim to build long-lasting generational relationships with them (2 Samuel 9:1).

Beloved, do not run the race to your destiny alone. You can go far with the gift of faithful men.

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