To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

This statement alludes to the fact that things don’t just happen. (Un)fortunately, life presents us with various seasons, some very good, and some not so pleasant. No matter what life throws at us, the challenge remains to decipher why we go through seasons in life.

This is so important because having a clear understanding will help:

  1. Inform how we deal with the seasons, and ultimately
  2. Better shape who we eventually  become in life.

Sadly, without this understanding, we may struggle throughout life.

Thankfully, God assures us of a positive future when we go through life’s seasons (Romans 8:28).


Seasons are typically cyclical in nature, often characterized by moments of ups and downs …

Taking a cue from the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50), we also identify this pattern:

  1. First, the downhill season. He got sold into slavery.
  2. Next, the stable season. He was incarcerated and solitary.
  3. Then, the uphill season. He became the Prime Minister of Egypt.

Some of these seasons, even though not entirely pleasant to Joseph, were absolutely necessary for God’s prophecies over the nation of Israel to come to fruition.

Interesting, in all of these, Joseph never lost hope in God’s ability to see him through the seasons.


No doubt every season is unique and carries with it vital life lessons.

Interestingly, we’re all wired to go through distinctive seasons in life depending on God’s plans for us. Nevertheless, we’re expected to deal with each season as follows:

  1. Be patient through the season and learn the necessary lessons therein.
  2. Enjoy the season knowing that there might never be any like it again in your life.
  3. Be prepared to encourage others through the lessons learned from your season.

Do you understand the season that you’re in right now?


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