There are times when starting a thing anew could be of great benefit. As such, everyone is encouraged to constantly evaluate their lives and identify opportunities that demand a fresh start where God permits.

God is always seeking for opportunities to make improvements to his creation. For example, God recreated certain elements of the earth using remnants of his initial creation (Genesis 6:13-22). He also relooked the original design of Adam (Genesis 2:18).

In the same vein, humans should emulate this nature of God while also expecting the refinement experience to deliver an outcome that’s far more aligned to God’s will than the status quo. This is so important in order to avoid errors or regrets in the attempt to start anew without His direction (Genesis 19:1-29).


The new year typically affords everyone the opportunity to re-assess their lives to see what’s working well vs what’s not working well and identify areas for improvements. This is akin to making new year resolutions.

Interestingly, statistics have proven that most new year resolutions park up even before they’re actualised and that begs the question: why?

Well, the answer is clearly stipulated in the Bible thus “Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.” — Psalm 127:1a (NLT). So, getting God’s direction in your new year plans from the get-go is an important proviso for success.

The key is never to trust wholly in your own wisdom and understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).


The steps below are vital to ensure that you’re well guided before setting out on a new life ambition in the new year:

  • Objectively identify what’s not working well. Don’t operate in self-denial. Seek honest feedback.
  • Prioritize the areas of improvements that you’d like to see in your life and create a realistic plan — set SMART goals.
  • Be intentional and diligent about executing your plans. Don’t give room to laziness and procrastination.

Get into the loop all over again while seeking regular feedback.

Remember that God didn’t just stop at his first iteration in the creation of man. In fact, He’s still very much at work everyday (2 Chronicles 16:9).


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